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Announcing Librewary Open Source Project

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Librewary on Github

I am writing briefly to announce that today I have released the source code as an open source project dually licensed under MIT and GPLv2.

Librewary is an equipment lending management system written in the Python django framework.

The current code is the result of an early effort from December 2012-January 2013. I have a lot of ideas for the project, particularly regarding how Librewary will handle the financial accounting for equipment lending with Twin Pints – and how to enable further groups to participate (e.g. homebrewing clubs outside of Twin Pints). It could also use a face-lift, probably with Bootstrap.js.

(I’m not impressed with the code myself – I have become a much better Django developer in even the last six months. I’ll give the project some TLC in the next couple weeks.)

More to come. Soon.